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Spring is near and the Clean Green Team is ramping up for their busiest time of year: cutting season.

During the cold winter months, the Clean Green Team comes together regularly for team meetings and workforce training to increase their knowledge and broaden their set of skills.

At their most recent meeting, the 9-member team participated in a team building training, led by business growth consultant and long-time donor and friend of Little Lights, Bob Hooks. 

During the session, Bob led the team through developing a unified set of team goals and helped to identify areas of improvement for the team’s performance this cutting season. 

The training also sought to improve communications across all layers of the team.

Mary Park, Deputy Director of Little Lights, hopes this training helps the Clean Green Team “learn to communicate better as a team, and that the manager and assistant managers improve their leadership skills as they oversee the other members.”  

The Clean Green Team officially kicked off their cutting season Monday, March 15, 2021. So, if you’re in the DC-area, consider the Clean Green Team for your landscaping needs this spring.

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