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Every year at Summer Lights we offer elementary and middle school students a range of unique opportunities to explore and expand their interests in a safe and educational environment. 

This year we have expanded our camp offerings to high school students by providing daily college and career readiness workshops. 

The workshops, led by Teddi Beschel, our Mentor/College and Career Coordinator, are designed to help high school students learn about various career paths and steps they can take to prepare for college.  

“Whatever students want to do after high school, whether it’s going to college, entering the workforce, or going to a trade school, I want to make sure that they are fully informed about their next step and that they have every resource and opportunity to pursue their dreams,” Teddi shared

Each week students are diving into topics like career exploration and professional development, to help them identify their post-high school plans, explore careers that match their personalities and interests, and practice professional and organizational skills they need to navigate and succeed in the world.

Jaylyn, a teen intern, feels learning this information is preparing her for the future. “This internship gives me an opportunity to be more independent, and I think the coding and writing activities we’re doing, too, is giving me experience for jobs I might take on when I’m older.”

In addition to their intern schedules, each of the high school students participate in coding enrichment classes, take essay writing and SAT prep sessions, and aid our staff in working with all 130 students taking part in our in-person and virtual activities during our first-ever hybrid Summer Lights.

During the workshops, students also hear professionals across industries talk about their career, passions, and life skills for success. Among the lineup of speakers is 13-time national elevator pitch champion, Precious Williams, who has been featured on a number of media platforms including ABC’s Shark Tank. 

We are thrilled to be working with our high school students, and finding new ways to support them as they take the next steps in their careers and lives.