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On Thursday, June 16th, we are celebrating our impact by telling the stories of just a few of the people Little Lights has impacted for good.

Little Lights is working to combat the systemic structures that create inequity and to equip children and families with the resources and relationships they need to overcome the barriers in their way.

Your generosity on Giving Day allows us to sustain our equity-building work — and it helps us unlock three special bonus funds offers presented by our Board of Directors.

  • If we raise $25,000 by NOON, we’ll unlock $5,000 in bonus funds.
  • If we raise $50,000 by 6:00 PM, we’ll unlock $10,000 in bonus funds.
  • If we raise $100,000 by MIDNIGHT, we’ll unlock an additional $15,000 in bonus funds.

Help us continue to empower communities through multigenerational, holistic programs — thank you for your support!

To support Little Lights Giving Day, click here.